Monthly Bookkeeping Charges  


Fixed Fee Billing, Instant Reporting, and Value Added Advisory Services are all offered by Zebbie's Bookkeeping.  Fixed Fee billing simply means you, the business owner, is charged a flat monthly bookkeeping fee for your Bookkeeping instead of being charged bookkeeping by the hour.  This is great for budgeting as there are no nasty surprises come month end.  Instant reporting means Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets are available for you at every quarter if you need a bank loan or simply want to know how your business is performing.  Value Added Advisory Services is available if you are unsure of what your responsibilities are as a business owner, tax payer.   I work closely together with excellent accountants so advice is always available if necessary.  


Prices are tailored to your needs - fees are assessed after three months and then annually. 

Prices are dependent on how many bank and credit card accounts there are and also how many transactions need posting and reconciling.  Paypal accounts and reconciliations attract an extra fee. 

If your bookkeeping is behind then fees are charged hourly.




Catch-up bookkeeping is for those business owners whose books are not up to date.  In the bookkeeping business we call this 'shoebox accounting' where all receipts are dumped in a box and delivered to the bookkeeper to sort through,  fees are charged hourly until books are up to date.  Then you can move on to fixed pricing. 

CLOUD ACCOUNTING is accessed from anywhere, anytime, on any device, so you don't have to live in the Banksia Grove, Tapping, Carramar, Joondalup, Wanneroo, Perth North area for me to provide bookkeeping services, I can access your books from anywhere. Cloud Accounting is the way forward in bookkeeping, providing the business owner with a snapshot of the health of their business instantly.